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K106389R Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Assembly

Brand Name Timken
Model Number K106389R
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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K518419R Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Assemblyra (max):2.5 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:3 mm; d:120 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,600 rpm; D:260 mm; r1:3 mm; B:86 mm; dc (min):156 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,000 rpm; Enclosure:Open; Dynamic Load Rating:795,000 N; dd (min):171 mm; Da (max):246 mm; db (max):151 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:154 mm; Radial Clearance:0.085 to 0.125 mm; Static Load Rating:1,030,000 N; Configuration:Single Row;
Y4S7485 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyFillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm; dd (min):93 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:188,000 N; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; ra (max):2 mm; Configuration:Single Row; B:48 mm; Da (max):128 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:83.5 mm; Static Load Rating:212,000 N; db (max):81 mm; d:65 mm; Radial Clearance:0.060 to 0.090 mm; dc (min):85 mm; ra1 (max):2 mm; db (min):77 mm; r1:2.1 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:4,000 rpm; Enclosure:Open;
Y8S752 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyBore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Static Load Rating:2,940 N; B:7 mm; Factor fo:16.0; Dynamic Load Rating:4,300 N; Radial Clearance:0.013 to 0.028 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Weight:0.022 kg; d:25 mm; da (min):27 mm; Enclosure:Double Seal; Da (max):35 mm; D:37 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:18,000 rpm; ra (max):0.3 mm;
Y2S90744 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Assemblyra (max):1.5 mm; dc (min):60 mm; Static Load Rating:77,500 N; ra1 (max):1.5 mm; dd (min):66 mm; D:100 mm; Da (max):91.5 mm; Radial Clearance:0.030 to 0.060 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:6,300 rpm; Limiting Speed - Oil:7,500 rpm; d:45 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; r1:1.5 mm; db (max):57 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Enclosure:Open; Dynamic Load Rating:78,500 N; db (min):53.5 mm; B:25 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:58.5 mm;
LM757010ES Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Assemblyda (min):128 mm; D:180 mm; Factor fo:15.7; Limiting Speed - Grease:3,600 rpm; Weight:2.670 kg; B:28 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:88,000 N; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; ra (max):2 mm; d:120 mm; Da (max):172 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2 mm; Radial Clearance:0.036 to 0.066 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Static Load Rating:79,500 N; Enclosure:Double Shield;
Y1S351687 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyStatic Load Rating:44,500 N; Dx (min):131.5 mm; d:55 mm; Factor fo:13.1; da (min):65 mm; B:29 mm; Weight:1.370 kg; Dynamic Load Rating:71,500 N; Limiting Speed - Oil:6,800 rpm; Configuration:Single Row; Cy (max):6.5 mm; Groove Diameter:115.2 mm; ra (max):2 mm; Da (max):110 mm; a (max):4.1 mm; r1:0.5 mm; Enclosure:Open; Groove Width:3.1 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Radial Clearance:0.023 to 0.043 mm;
K516800R Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyDa (max):130 mm; Static Load Rating:243,000 N; db (min):90 mm; Enclosure:Open; Configuration:Single Row; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; db (max):94 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:5,000 rpm; D:140 mm; dc (min):97 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:4,000 rpm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:95.3 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:186,000 N; dd (min):104 mm; Radial Clearance:0.065 to 0.100 mm; B:33 mm;
K518771R Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyRadial Clearance:0.070 to 0.120 mm; D:320 mm; d:150 mm; dc (min):195 mm; dd (min):213 mm; ra1 (max):3 mm; r1:4 mm; db (min):168 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:1,020,000 N; ra (max):3 mm; B:108 mm; Static Load Rating:1,400,000 N; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,000 rpm; db (max):190 mm; Da (max):302 mm; Enclosure:Open; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,700 rpm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:4 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore;
Y6S672 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Assemblyda (min):209 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:202,000 N; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,400 rpm; Enclosure:Open; Radial Clearance:0.063 to 0.117 mm; Factor fo:15.8; D:310 mm; Static Load Rating:222,000 N; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,000 rpm; Configuration:Single Row; Weight:13.900 kg; B:51 mm; ra (max):2 mm; Da (max):301 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; d:200 mm;
M720210EB Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyConstant e:0.32; Weight:17.300 kg; Da (max):248 mm; Nr. of Holes:6; Dynamic Load Rating:1,120,000 N; ra (max):2 mm; Roller Profile:Symmetric; D:260 mm; B:90 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,000 rpm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm; Static Load Rating:1,480,000 N; Hole Diameter (do):8 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; Groove Width A:14 mm; Retainer Material:Pressed Steel; Axial Load Factor Y2:3.15; Enclosure:Open;
Y1S3952 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyWeight:408.000 kg; Dynamic Load Rating:7,650,000 N; Axial Load Factor Y1:3.10; Axial Load Factor Y2:4.62; D:870 mm; Hole Diameter (do):15 mm; Groove Width A:32 mm; Enclosure:Open; Retainer Material:Machined Brass; Configuration:Double Row; d:600 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:6 mm; Nr. of Holes:8; Da (max):842 mm; Center Guidance:Fixed Inner Ring Rib; B:200 mm; ra (max):5 mm; Static Load Rating:12,000,000 N;
Y1S95925 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyDa (max):201 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; ra1 (max):2.5 mm; dc (min):132 mm; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:127.5 mm; D:215 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:3 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,400 rpm; Configuration:Single Row; r1:3 mm; d:100 mm; ra (max):2.5 mm; B:73 mm; db (max):125 mm; Radial Clearance:0.075 to 0.110 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:570,000 N; Limiting Speed - Oil:3,000 rpm; dd (min):143 mm; db (min):114 mm;
HH926716EC Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyDynamic Load Rating:99,000 N; B:36 mm; Static Load Rating:104,000 N; Enclosure:Open; dd (min):66 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:6,100 rpm; Limiting Speed - Oil:7,300 rpm; ra (max):1.5 mm; ra1 (max):1.5 mm; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:1.5 mm; D:100 mm; dc (min):60 mm; Weight:1.250 kg; Da (max):91.5 mm; db (min):53.5 mm; r1:1.5 mm; Configuration:Single Row; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; db (max):57 mm; d:45 mm;
M959410EB Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Assemblyra1 (max):4 mm; Db (min):518 mm; d:360 mm; B:82 mm; Weight:67.700 kg; Limiting Speed - Grease:1,100 rpm; D:540 mm; ra (max):4 mm; da (min):382 mm; db (min):382 mm; Static Load Rating:1,830,000 N; Da (max):518 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:1,300 rpm; r1:5 mm; Radial Clearance:0.280 to 0.370 mm; Db (max):496 mm; Enclosure:Open; Dynamic Load Rating:1,110,000 N; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore; dc (min):410 mm;
LM48548XE Timken Tapered Roller Bearing AssemblyCenter Guidance:Floating Steel Ring; Fillet Radius/Chamfer:2.1 mm; Retainer Material:Pressed Steel; ra (max):2 mm; Axial Load Factor Y0:1.70; Nr. of Holes:6; Weight:25.500 kg; Hole Diameter (do):10 mm; da (min):172 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:2,000 rpm; Configuration:Double Row; D:270 mm; Roller Profile:Symmetric; Radial Clearance:0.180 to 0.230 mm; Limiting Speed - Oil:2,500 rpm; Static Load Rating:1,810,000 N;
Y2S421437 Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Assemblydb (max):75 mm; Radial Clearance:0.040 to 0.070 mm; dd (min):86 mm; dc (min):79 mm; Static Load Rating:188,000 N; Limiting Speed - Oil:5,300 rpm; B:46 mm; db (min):72 mm; Da (max):118 mm; Configuration:Single Row; ra1 (max):2 mm; ra (max):2 mm; Dynamic Load Rating:169,000 N; D:130 mm; Limiting Speed - Grease:4,300 rpm; r1:2.1 mm; d:60 mm; Enclosure:Open; Inside Ring Outside Diameter:77 mm; Bore Type:Cylindrical Bore;



Y4S572Timken - - - - 120 mm40 mm - -
HH234010ECTimken - - - 540 mm400 mm106 mm - -
K16171Timken - - - - 170 mm42 mm - -
Y7S9614Timken - - - 140 mm55 mm33 mm - -
L540010EATimken - - - 620 mm420 mm - - -
X5SA4059Timken - - - 62 mm25 mm17 mm - -
X3S8048Timken - - - 400 mm190 mm78 mm - -
LL575349XATimken - - - 620 mm - 224 mm - -
K516778RTimken - - - 790 mm440 mm280 mm - -
Y1S932Timken - - - 360 mm140 mm82 mm - -
H852810EBTimken - - - 80 mm35 mm21 mm - -
K524112RTimken - - - 200 mm95 mm45 mm - -
Y1S382ATimken - - - 68 mm45 mm12 mm - -
K518333RTimken - - - 180 mm85 mm41 mm - -
JY23028QTimken - - - 52 mm25 mm20.6 mm - 58.5 mm
HM535310EATimken - - - 300 mm220 mm - - -
K518781RTimken - - - 120 mm55 mm29 mm - -
Y1S6772Timken - - - 360 mm200 mm58 mm - -
LL481448XATimken - - - - - 36 mm - -
HM212010EATimken - - - 260 mm120 mm86 mm - -


K106389R Timken Tapered Roller Bearing Assembly Video


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